Patrick Sky

b. Patrick Lynch, October 2, 1943 in Liveoak Gardens, Georgia
P A T R I C K   S K Y   (picture from Shanachie 95003)
source: front cover of Shanachie 95003
"In twenty years or so I suppose they'll be separating the sheep from the goats in the current folk 'thing'. It's a safe bet that Patrick Sky will not be among the goats, despite his cloven hooves."

'famous sayn' of Dave van Ronk & Terri in their 1965 liner notes to 'Patrick Sky'
(Vanguard VSD-79179)

Patrick Sky LPs / CDs
of release
title / label / notes
11965Patrick Sky

- Many A Mile (Sky)
- Hangin' Round (Sky)
- Love Will Endure (Sky)
- Reuben (Trad.)
- Rattlesnake Mountain (Trad.)
- Everytime (Paxton)

- Come With Me Love (Sky)
- Nectar Of God (Sky)
- Separation Blues (Sky)
- Ballad Of Ira Hayes (LaFarge)
- Words Without Music (Stanley)
- Wreck Of The 97 (Dewey/Noell/Wittier)

Vanguard VRS-9179 mono
VSD-79179 stereo

Fontana TFL 6062

21966A Harvest Of Gentle Clang

- Jay Gould's Daughter (Trad.)
- Girl I Once Did Own (Sky)
- Are You From Dixie (Yellen/Cobb)
- Cape Code Girls (Trad.)
- Good Old Man (Trad.)
- Keep On Walkin' (Sky)

- Mahagony Row (Marrs)
- St. Louis Tickle (Trad.)
- Farmer's Cursed Wife (Trad.)
- John Riley (Trad.)
- Give To The Cause (Sky)
- Need Somebody On Your Bond (Trad.)

Vanguard SVRL 19054
VSD 79207

31968Reality Is Bad Enough

- She's Up For Grabs (Sky)
- Children's Song (Sky)
- Silly Song (Sky)
- Sometimes I Wonder (Sky)
- I Don't Feel That's Real (Sky)
- Enjoy, Enjoy (Sky)

- Follow The Longhaired Lady (Sky)
- The Loving Kind (Sky)
- The Dance Of Death (Sky)
- Modern Major General (Sky)
- Jimmy Clay (Sky)

Verve Forecast FTS 3052


- She
- Dirge To Love Gone By
- I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning
- Circe
- Pinball Machine

- Photographs
- Peter Pan
- Beggar's Riddle
- The Greater Manhattan Love Song
- Who Am I

Verve Forecast FTS 3079

51973Songs That Made America Famous

- Fight For Liberation (Sky)
- Radcliffe Highway (Sky)
- Vatican Caskets (Sky)
- Child Molesting Blues (Sky)
  [played/sung by 'Blind Funk Earwax']
- Okie (Sky)
- Under All Flags (Sky)
- Luang Prabang (Dave van Ronk)

- Our Baby Die (Sky)
- Ramblin' Hunchback (Sky)
- Bake Dat Chicken Pie (Sky)
- Rock Star (Sky)
- The Pope (Mike Hunt)
- Yonkers Girl (Sky)
- H. Bromovitz (Sky)

recorded 1971

Adelphi AD-R4101

re-released 1997:
Adelphi CD 4101

61975Two Steps Forward One Step Back

- Many a Mile
- Lucky Me
- Perryville Reel, Rhode Island Reel
- My Friend Robert
- Frankie And Albert
- Mole In The Ground

- Payday
- Candy Man
- To Find A Way
- Danville Girl
- Moanin' Blues
- Lost James Whalen

Leviathan 2006

71985Through a Window

- San Francisco Bay Blues (Fuller)
- Ramblin' Boy (Paxton)
- Separation Blues (Sky)
- Dark As A Dungeon (Travis)
- Mississippi John Hurt's Candy Man
- Blowin' In The Wind (Dylan)

- Reverend Gary Davis' Candy Man
- Don't Think Twice (Dylan)
- Ballad Of Ira Hayes (LaFarge)
- Freight Train (Cotten)
- Louise (Seibel)
- Good Night Irene (Ledbetter)

Shanachie 95003

89/2013Live At Caffè Lena: Music From America's Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013

disc one:
Intro by Lena Spencer / Guy Carawan - Cripple Creek (1970)
Hedy West - Shady Grove (1968)
Intro by Lena Spencer / Sleepy John Estes - Holy Spirit (1974)
Frank Wakefield and Friends - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (1971)
Jean Ritchie - West Virginia Mine Disaster (1969)
Billy Faier - Hunt The Wren (1967)
Greenbriar Boys - Hit Parade of Love (1968)
Mike Seeger - O Death (1971)
Jacqui and Bridie - Hello Friend (1974)
Tom Paxton - Morning Again (1968)
David Amram - Little Mama (1974)

Patrick Sky - Reality Is Bad Enough (1971)
Rosalie Sorrels - Travelin' Lady (1974)
Smoke Dawson - Devil's Dream (1968)
Utah Phillips - The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia (1974)
Michael Cooney - Thyme It Is A Precious Thing (1974)
Kate McGarrigle and Roma Baran - Caffè Lena (1972)

disc two:
Intro by Lena Spencer / Dave Van Ronk - Gaslight Rag (1974)
Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles (1968)
Barbara Dane - Mama Yancey's Advice / Love With a Feeling (1968)
Roy Book Binder - Ain't Nobody Home But Me (1974)
Intro by Lena Spencer / David Bromberg - The Holdup (1972)
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Pretty Boy Floyd (1992)
Arlo Guthrie - City of New Orleans (2010)
Aztec Two Step - The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (1989)
Happy And Artie Traum - Trials Of Jonathan (1974)
Rick Danko - It Makes No Difference (1988)
Paul Geremia - Something's Gotta Be Arranged (1989)
Robin and Linda Williams - -S-A-V-E-D (1987)
John Herald - Ramblin' Jack Elliott (1991)
Pete Seeger - Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat)

disc three:
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion - Folksong (2013)
Anais Mitchell - Wedding Song (2013)
Bill Morrissey - The Last Day Of The Furlough (1990)
Patty Larkin - Island Of Time (1992)
Greg Brown - Flat Stuff (1989)
Mary Gauthier - I Drink (2013)
Sean Rowe - Old Black Dodge (2013)
Tom Chapin - Cats In The Cradle (1987)
Intro by Lena Spencer / Christine Lavin - It's A Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind (1987)
Bill Staines - Sweet Wyoming Home (1990)
Bucky and John Pizzarelli - I Like Jersey Best (1989)
Rory Block - That's No Way To Get Along (1989)
Chris Smither - Killing The Blues (1989)
Tift Merritt - Traveling Alone (2013)
John Gorka - Down In The Milltown (1990)
Lena Spencer - Dear Little Cafe (1972)

unreleased performances

3 CD box set

Tompkins Square TSQ 2967


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(Guest) Appearances on other Artist's recordings
of release
artist / title /
songs/instruments/functions of Patrick Sky
label # / notes
11964Buffy Sainte-Marie: It's My Way


Vanguard VSD 79142 (US)
Fontana TFL 6040 (UK)
21965Buffy Sainte-Marie: Many a Mile


Vanguard VSD 79171 (US)
Fontana TFL 6047 (UK)
31965The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt

production supervisor
2nd guitar on 'Monday Morning Blues'

Vanguard VSD 19/20
41965Jim & Jean
Patrick Sky, harm
Dick Rosmini, g
Bill Lee, b

Philips 600182

51966Eric Andersen: 'bout changes & things

production supervisor

Vanguard VSD 79206 (US)
61966Buffy Sainte-Marie: Little Wheel Spin And Spin


Vanguard VSD 79211 (US)
Fontana TFL 6071 (UK)
71966Mississippi John Hurt: Last Sessions

guitar, producer

Vanguard VSD 79327 (US)
81967The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt

production supervisor
2nd guitar on two tracks:
- Moaning The Blues
- Monday Morning Blues

Vanguard SVRL 19005 (US)
91968Just Enough


Folkways FTS 31023

Paul Geremia discography

101971The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie

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Vanguard VSD 3/4 (US)
111971The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Vol. 2


Vanguard VSD 33/34 (US)
In 1973 Patrick Sky - along with Lisa Null - founded
GREEN LINNET RECORDS originally called Innisfree Records.

Green Linnet Records discography
"The Green Linnet" lyrics

121974Seamus Ennis: Forty Years of Irish Piping

producer, engineer, liner notes

Green Linnet SIF-1000
131974Peter Bellamy


Green Linnet SIF-1001
141976Peter Bellamy: Barrack Room Ballads


Green Linnet SIF-1002
15197?Sailing into Walpoles Marsh


Green Linnet SIF-1004
161977Johnny Doherty / Paddy Tunney: The Singing Men of Ulster


Green Linnet SIF-1005
171977Bill Shute and Lisa Null: Feathered Maiden and Other Ballads


Green Linnet SIF-1006
181977Tommy Reck: The Stone In The Field


Green Linnet SIF-1008
191978Mick Moloney with Eugene O'Donnell

producer, tin whistle

Green Linnet SIF-1010


Green Linnet SIF-1013
211978Tim Lyons: Easter Snow


Green Linnet SIF-1014
221978Eugene O'Donnell & Mick Moloney: Slow Airs & Set Dances

executive producer

Green Linnet SIF-1015
231979Joe & the Gabe: Songs and Music of Galway


Green Linnet SIF-1018
241980Joe Shannon and John(ny) McGreevy: Noonday Feast


Green Linnet SIF-1023
251981Joe Ryan and Eddie Clarke: Crossroads


Green Linnet SIF-1030>
261985Clancy, Willie: Clare Session with Willie Clancy & friends

field recording

Skylark Prod.
271985Lyle Mays: Lyle Mays

uillean pipes

Geffen CD 2-24097
281994Lou Killen: Sea Chanteys


ESP CD 1085
291997Piping Hot: Celtic Bagpipe Collection


Celtophile CD 9004
301998Green Linnet 20th Anniversary Collection


Green Linnet CD 106
311998Her Infinite Variety - Celtic Women in Music & Song


Green Linnet CD 107
321998Mississippi John Hurt: Rediscovered

production supervisor

Vanguard CD 79519


Anthologies / Compilations / Samplers
containing songs performed by Patrick Sky
of release
title / songs performed by Patrick Skylabel # / notes
31964Broadside Ballads Vol. 3
The Broadside Singers

- Ain't That News - The Broadside Singers with Tom Paxton
- More Good Men - Goin' Down The Broadside Singers with Dave Cohen
- Times I've Had - The Broadside Singers with Mark Spoelstra
- Paths Of Victory - The Broadside Singers with Bob Dylan
- Christine - The Broadside Singers with Matt McGinn
- Rattlesnake - The Broadside Singers with Peter La Farge
- Carry It On - The Broadside Singers with Gil Turner

- Links On The Chain - The Broadside Singers with Phil Ochs

- Causes - The Broadside Singers with Pat Sky
- Immigrante - The Broadside Singers with Buffy Sainte-Marie
- The Faucets Are Dripping - The Broadside Singers wth Malvina Reynolds
- Father's Grave - For Cordell Reagon - The Broadside Singers with Len Chandler
- The Scruggs Picker - The Broadside Singers with Ernie Marrs
- Plains Of Nebrasky-O - The Broadside Singers with Eric Andersen
- Freedom Is A Constant Struggle - The Broadside Singers

notes by Phil Ochs

Broadside BR 303
=Folkways FH 5303

1a1965Singer Songwriter Project

Richard Fariña
- House Un-American Blues Activity Dream
- Birmingham Sunday
- Bold Marauder
Patrick Sky
- Too Many Times
(not included on the CD reissue)
- Talking Socialized Anti-Undertaker Blues
- Many A Mile

Bruce Murdoch
- Rompin' Rovin' Days
- Down In Mississippi
- Farewell My Friend
- Try 'n' Ask
Dave Cohen
- I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning
- It's Alright With Me
- Don't Get Caught In A Storm

Elektra EKL 299 / EKS 7299

reissued on CD:
WEA / Elektra CD
= Rhino CD
"David Blue &
Singer Songwriter Project"

3 LPs
Various Artists: Something To Sing About
produced by Milton Okun

- Jay Gould's Daughter

accompanying LP set to book
of the same title "Something
To Sing About - the personal
choices of America's folk
singers".- New York:
Macmillan Co. 1968

31972Welcome to Caffe Lena

- Giovanni Montini, The Pope (Michael Hunt)

Biograph BLP-12046

Biograph Records discography

41972Greatest Folksingers of '60s

production supervisor

Vanguard VSD 17/18


A Place To Be
Fox Hollow Festival 10th Anniversary Album Volume 1

Biograph 12051 (first edition 1975)
Len Chandler - Lovin' People (1967) °°
Pat Sky - She's Up For Grabs (1968)
Michael Cooney - Be Kind To Your Parents (1969) °°
Dave Bromberg & John Hartford - The Holdup (1971) °°
Douglas Neidt - Argentine Folk Dance (1971)
Dan Smith, Bessie Jones, Doris Frazier, Robert Caplin - Something Down In Me (1971)
Lorre Wyatt - Clearwater (1974) °°
Lou & Sally Killen - Thousand Or More (1973) °°
Martha Nagler - The Lone Pilgrim - (1971)
The Boys Of The Lough - Lament (1973) °°

Michael Cooney - Watermelon Song (1969) °°
Sandy Paton & The Golden Ring - Wild Mt. Thyme & The Hunt (1971)
John Hartford, Dave Brober, Norman Blake, Vassar Clements, Alan Stowell - Babe, You've Been On My Mind (1971) °°
Gordon Bok - Leaving Glen Aben (1972) °°
Joe Hickerson - Maid On The Shore (1974)
John Wright - Jew's Harp Solo (1974)
Susan Boyer - Bell Song (1974)
Evelyn Beers - Green Gravel (1974)
R. U. Brown - Highland Bagpipe Playing (1971)
Bob Beers - Closing Speech (1971)

Biograph 12051 (revised edition 1976)
Roger Sprung - June Apple (1967) °°

Pat Sky - She's Up For Grabs (1968)
John Jackson - Bad Badman (1969) °°   @ youtube
Sandy Paton & The Golden Ring - Wild Mt. Thyme (1970)
Douglas Neidt - Argentine Folk Dance (1971)
Dan Smith with Bessie Jones - Something Down In Me (1971)
Bottle Hill - Sittin' On Top Of The World (1972) °°

Joe Hickerson - Maid On The Shore (1972)
Craig Morton - Go To Sea No More (1973) °°
John Wright - Jews Harp Solo (1974)
Susan Boyer - Bell Song (1974)
Evelyne Beers - Green Gravel (1974)
R.U. Brown - Highland Bagpipe Playing (1971)
Bob Beers - closing speech (1971)

compiled by Arnold S. Caplin, Evelyne Burnstine & Joel Bernstein

°° on first resp. revised edition only

notes by Evelyne Burnstine, Arnold
S. Caplin & Joel Bernstein

Biograph BLP-12051
(first edition 1975)

notes by Evelyne Burnstine, Arnold
S. Caplin & Joel Bernstein

Biograph BLP-12051
(revised edition 1976)

Biograph Records discography

61984Bleecker & McDougal:
The Folk Scene Of The 60s,
[The Jac Holzman Years]

- Many A Mile

Elektra 60381-1-V

71991Folk Song America, Vol. 3:
A 20th Century Revival

- Ballad of Ira Hayes

The Smithsonian Collection of
Recordings.- Sony Music Special
Products RD 046-2

81995Folk Music at Newport, Vol. 1

- Separation Blues

Vanguard CD 77007

91997Vanguard Collector's Edition

- Many A Mile

Vanguard CD 6366


Other artist's Covers of Patrick Sky songs
of release
Record Title

- featured Patrick Sky song
label # / notes
11965Buffy Sainte-Marie: Many a Mile

- Many A Mile

Vanguard VSD 79171 (US)
Fontana TFL 6047 (UK)
21967The Blues Project Live At Town Hall
- Love Will Endure

Verve/Forecast FTS 3025

Danny Kalb discography

31969Hamilton Camp: Welcome To Hamilton Camp

- On Your Bond (arr. Sky)
- Nectar Of God

Warner Brother /
7 Arts label 1753
41970The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie

- Many A Mile

Vanguard VSD 3/4 (US)
51972John Kay: Forgotten Songs And Unsung Heroes

- Many A Mile

ABC Dunhill DSX-50120
61973New Grass Revival: 38th Annual Galax Old Fiddlers Convention

- Many A Mile

Gazette 38
71974Scott and Stanley: Hard Times In The Country

- Many A Mile
Talkeetna TR 100

more info / CD reissue

81980The Country Gentlemen: 25 Years

- Many A Mile

Rebel CD D1102
91992Don McLean: Favorites & Rarities

- Yonkers Girl

Capitol CD 98603

more info

101993George Thorogood & the Destroyers: Haircut

- My Friend Robert

Capitol CD 89529

more info

121994Dave van Ronk:
To All My Friends In Far Flung Places

- Many A Mile

Gazell GPCD 2011/12

Dave van Ronk discography

131997The Blues Project: Anthology
- Love Will Endure

Polygram CD 529758

Danny Kalb discography

141999The Country Gentlemen: The Early Rebel Recordings 1962-1971

- Many A Mile

Rebel CD 4002
1519??Sharon Whitbread and Fred: Variety is the Spice of Life
- Many A Mile


more info from Alan Aylott ;-)

Thanks to:
Pat Sky for his memory-squeezing
Franco Valsecchi, Milano - Italy
Thomas Stern



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